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Excellent location

INTERDIVE - The Diving, Snorkeling and Travel Fair, in the middle of Europe!

At the "INTERDIVE" in Friedrichshafen, you present your products and services in one of the most popular and attractive water sports areas in Europe. For years, Lake Constance is the meeting place in the diving scene with its exciting location, probably the wealthiest Border triangle of Europe. Included are Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Nearly 15 million people live here and have an above average income, compared to the typical European, and use this towards their diving passion by purchasing equipment and booking travel, thanks to the enormous recreational value of the region. The number of addressed certified and active divers with about 4 million, is very noteworthy and speaks for the success of the trade fair site, Friedrichshafen-Lake Constance.

Thanks to the proximity to France and Northern Italy, the area of targeted visitors is again considerably enlarged. It is time to present diving with all its facets, from manufacturer to dive trip to dive center - from regional to worldwide - as an attractive and informative offer.

Unique Combination, Unique Ambiance

Manufacturer, Trade and Travel market, the "INTERDIVE" offers a full range

The comfort of the Friedrichshafen Trade Fair, the beautiful architecture, a modern infrastructure and the exposed location on the shores of Lake Constance, provide the perfect framework for a successful "INTERDIVE".

The concept of the Dive Fair is based on a wide range of offers for dealers and visitors. The fair and its surroundings are perfectly structured, for example, additional meeting and banquet facilities are available for trainings, presentations or lectures. Free Wi-Fi is available in the hall. The concept of the fair is geared to the wishes of the exhibitors, the duration of 4 days is just one example of many. The diving community can come together, the attractiveness for the spectators is increased by exceptional additional offers.

Free parking on Thursday and Friday and a cheaper admission along with "Night-Dive" party on Friday, represent a highlight for both exhibitors and visitors; the crowds of the joint weekend at "INTERBOOT" ensures additional demand on the hall. Even dives in Lake Constance was thought of, equipment can be tested and demonstrated under real conditions. Thanks to free bus shuttle,